50 Precious Words - *Update!

*Update that the winners were recently posted on Vivian's blog, and my story placed 16th out of 756 entries - pretty neat! The entries were really incredible - amazing to see the stories that can be told in only 50 words.

Here's my #50PreciousWords story - dedicated to the middle-school student I saw bravely speak up at a recent library board meeting.

Thank you to Vivian Kirkfield for hosting such a vibrant, inspiring event - can't wait to read everyone's 50 words!

Library Board Meeting, Monday, 7:04 PM by Jason Peterson (50 words) Nails bitten down. Foot jackhammering. Last in line to speak. Fight or flight. Ahead, words explode: “Censor!” “Ban!” Pushback, too. Tension. Recognizing classmates’ parents. Been to their homes - birthdays; trick-or-treating. Now - they avoid my eyes. Finally, my turn. Lowering the mic. Lower. Breathe. Shaky - but strong. “I need these books.”

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