Kids' Choice KidLit Writing Contest Entry - THE WISHES - *Update!

 I had a blast thinking up and writing this 200-word story for Kailei Pew's 2nd annual Kids' Choice KidLit Writing Contest

The word count limit led to some tough choices for what to include and what to omit - like building a Jenga tower, adding and taking away words to see what would work without making the whole thing collapse. 

With about 30 min on the deadline to spare, I hit my final save and sent it off. Hoping the kid-judges enjoy it and all the other entries. Such a neat idea, and I'm sure it's a lot of effort to put together - so thank you, Kailei!

The Wishes

Middle Grade (200 words)

The Wishes


We found the note on the way to school, rolled up inside a glass bottle Marcus threw in the air and let smash to the ground between me and Arden.


He was always doing dumb stuff like that. 


We were his best friends anyway.


The ragged paper stuck out. I picked it up and read its faded words aloud.




Marcus and Arden laughed and walked on – but something stopped me.


“I wish I was a bear.”


I said the words softly, picturing my bear-self roaming the halls of Roosevelt Middle. 


Roaring in the faces of bullies. Clawing my way through the rest of the school year. 


Finally fierce.


I saw Marcus and Arden turn back and see me. Their eyes wider than bike tires. Their mouths frozen O's.


“Ca-Calysta?” Marcus said, collapsing to his knees.


Arden sprinted towards me, diving to grab the piece of paper. 


I heard her whisper. Then she was gone.


Not gone. Transformed. Above my head, I watched her soar. Eagle-Arden.


Marcus walked forward, shaking.


He picked up the note. 


“I’m sorry Calysta. Arden too.”


He closed his teary eyes.


 “I wish to have my friends back.”

Update 3.1.23: 

Just learned that my entry was an honorable mention in the contest - what a neat thing! Congrats to all who entered.

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