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Chapter Books

The last time I was home visiting my folks, I came across a few of the many books I wrote when I was a kid. According to the copyright pages (yes, I always made one for each book 🙄), I was between 9 and 11 when I wrote these, and I still pretty much remember the stories even though it's been 30-odd years since I last saw them.  I remember being particularly proud of my Encyclopedia Brown ripoff Dick Tionary , which was almost called Theo Sarus before I thought that sounded too much like a word-obsessed prehistoric creature than a mystery solver - not sure the title I ended up with was actually better though. I think what stands out to me the most as a memory are the blank white books themselves. My mom would have bought them for me, and I would have stared at them for a long time before finally diving in to write and draw - no rough drafts here; just straight to print. After I wrote them, I'd picture what they'd look like on a bookstore shelf or at the library, and I'd