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Spring Fling Writing Contest - "Song of Spring"

I had a lot of fun writing this #SpringFlingKidLit contest entry, which challenges writers to create a 150-word (or less) spring-themed work inspired by a gif. 

Thank you to Ciara O'Neal and Kaitlyn Leann Sanchez for creating this contest - a perfect way to welcome in spring :)  

"Song of Spring" (149 words)

“Grandma, what’s your favorite song?”

“My favorite song, precious one, is the Song of Spring.”

“The Song of Spring?”

“Why yes, my love. It’s the song of the breeze rustling newly grown leaves.

It’s the song of fish jumping in a bubbling stream.

It’s the song of rain sprinkling flowers in the garden.

It’s the song of birds singing on treetops at dawn.

It’s the song of fireflies buzzing at dusk.

It’s the song of you, my dear child.”

“Of me?”

“Why yes, of course.

It’s the song of you blowing seeds off a dandelion.

It’s the song of you rolling down soft-grass hills.

It’s the song of you squeezing fresh lemons for lemonade.

It’s the song of you giggling while we read side by side.

It’s the song of our perfect spring day together.”


“Yes, my darling?”

“That’s my favorite song too. Can we play it again?”

Entry for the Spring Fling Writing Contest

by Jason Peterson


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