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Some news...

I'm excited to write these words after quite a few years and more than a few books I've queried:  I've have a literary agent(!) Stephen Fraser with JDLA is now representing me, and I couldn't be happier. I'm a huge fan of so many of his clients, including Margi Preus, Carol Lynch Williams, Claudia Mills, and recent debut author S.A. Rodiguez (among others), and his enthusiasm for my middle grade mystery and other projects was really encouraging to hear.  When I was researching which agents I wanted to submit to for this book, I came across a talk Stephen did a few years ago at BYU , where he spoke about joy in publishing and had an insightful Q&A with students. I felt a kinship with his views on books and writing and saw his passion for his clients and agenting come through, and I really hoped things would line up to work with him - I'm so glad it did.  I don't know what this next phase of the publishing journey will bring, but it's a great feeling t