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The Best Books Of The Year (when someone asks you at a party and you can’t Google): (Humor)

10. You Know, That One By The Author Who Writes All Those Crime Books, But Kind Of Literary?

9. Oh God, It’s Right On The Tip Of My Tongue - I Think It Rhymes With Horse

8. That Book - It’s Romantic, But Not Like Romance Romantic

7. It’s That One They Made Into The Netflix Series. Or Was It on Prime? …Tubi?

6. Honey, What Was That Book I Read On The Plane? No, Not To Chicago, To Florida

5. It's By That Guy...I Think He Died?

4. Oh Man. I Literally Just Finished It. Senior Moment!

3. Gosh…I’m Kind of Embarrassed To Say I Liked It. No Such Thing As A Guilty Pleasure Though, Am I Right?

2. Ahhhh…I’m So Close!

1. Um...Moby Dick? I Started Reading It This Year. I Mean, I Thought About Starting to Read It This Year.


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I think I read more this past year than I have in any year since grad school, and nothing kept me reading quite like the Lonesome Dove saga. I picked up Lonesome Dove because one of my favorite podcasts, The Watch, was doing a special on it - I'm so glad I did. Not since I was a kid have I been so fully immersed in a novel as I was with this series.  The sequels are each great too (Dead Man's Walk especially), but nothing quite like the first. If you haven't read them yet, I highly recommend diving in, and The Watch pod is a great companion. I've been picking up other McMurtry books since finishing.  I first posted this yesterday (3/25) and just read that Mr. McMurtry passed away today. Thankful for the books he wrote, especially in this pandemic year.   

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